Trailer for the current West End production of Miss Saigon.

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"The Little Mermaid" - Fredericia Teater 2014

All pictures are from Fredericia Teater’s facebook page

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The Olivier Theatre.

Designing for this theatre would be unbelievable. With the combination of its “drum revolve” and the unique fly system made up of individual point hoists, the design possibilities seem endless. If only…

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Official trailer for the West End production of Shakespeare in Love.

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The original West End cast of The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-Time

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The cast of the upcoming Broadway revival of On the Town takes to the streets of the city to perform ‘New York, New York’.

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Les Misérables at Dallas Theater Center

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By Jove Theatre Company Presents Othello | Indiegogo


Hey y’all, I never do this, but some fabulous friends of mine are fundraising for an intriguing production of Othello, take a look!

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Mary Rodgers, Author and Composer in a Musical Family, Dies at 83 -

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"Hey! I messaged about shrek a few days ago and there's more information! So turns out the director is someone who knows my voice very well so I'm gonna go for a strong character song. I was looking at the songs you suggested and I'm thinking more along the lines of Putnam county spelling bee or once upon a mattress. Any tips?"

Sorry for the delay, tumblr mobile is not great with messages.

I thing pretty much any of the ladies’ songs in Spelling Bee work here, and it’s really up to you which one you feel would be most to act.

‘Happily Ever After’ is also ideal thematically, gotta make sure you get some of the ending beltier bits in though. Same with ‘Shy’ especially as it parallels Fiona’s ‘bipolar’ thing.
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Two representatives from the Antoinette Perry Tony Awards outline and defend the recent decision regarding no longer recognizing sound design as a category.

(Sketch comedy from Far From Famous Comedy)

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"Hey I have an audition question. I'm auditioning for shrek soon and I need a song that could work for Fiona and Pinocchio. I'm obviously a female and I'm a soprano with a decent belt. Do you think you could help?"

I think comedic is definitely the way to go here. We need something character-driven that shows off a decent belt and is either a quirky or a neurotic character.My initial thoughts were ‘Not for the Life of Me’ or any of the ladies’ numbers from the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. ‘Watch What Happens’ from Newsies could also work. Once Upon A Mattress is also a good shout, the ever-popular ‘Shy’ would do nicely, as would ‘Happily Ever After’ (especially a cut of this). If you’re really into Pinocchio, it might be a good idea to go with something more gender neutral, if that were the case I would go with one of Peter’s numbers from the Stiles and Drewe Peter Pan. If none of these works for you or you have more specifics, be sure to write back. Break a leg!

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Laura Benanti auditions for NBC’s Peter Pan.

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